Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Last nights game against the scum from down the road ( Bolton) was postponed due to the roads around the area being un-safe although they say the pitch was OK.
Lets hope the game is not played months down the line when Im working because this is one of the games I look forward to every year.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Floodlight football at the JJ...DW stadium.

first off i will never call it the fucking DW stadium why should i call it that? the man who put Maurice fucking Lindsay on OUR board.Fuck right off. I love what the man has done for my club but for doing that he can just fuck off one in one out two teams one town and all that.
Anyway on monday neet we have the scum from down the road, Bolton. Cant wait for this game love weeknight football for some reason maybe its walking through Springfield and seeing the stadium lights? its just better for some reason.
Shall post up a pre-match thingy when I can be arsed.

Maurice Lindsay OUT!.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Ian Brown

On saturday neet I went and watched Ian Brown at the Liverpool Accadamy. Me and me mate drove in parked up went for a dogey kebab and set about finding the place which infact was up Mount Plesant and did not look like a venue at all in my opinon. We waited inthe guest list que since we wherement to be on it...When it turns out that the surport act ( who where very good" forgot to put us on even though we ended up talking to them after the gig.
So we ended up having to pay over-the-top prices for tickets( 35 quid) and joined the line which went quite fast, After we got searched we went and got a bevvy, can of carling in a pint glass, Thought to myself OK....then when I found out the price. 3 pounds and 50 pence ofthe queens finest. Fucking rip off...then again we where in Liverpool not to mention any sterotypes of scousers!)
We then went and got a decent spec to watch the gig and The Shocks opened who where actually quite a good band dispite me missing most of there act due to decided I fancyed a drink and getting two Red Bulls for the price of 6 quid!.
After The Shocks went off had a chat with me mate and then it was time for the act of the neet, Mr.Brown who I have to say was on top form! set list was mixed but the tracks which made my night where as follows:



Marathon Man

Own Brain

Keep what you got

Fools Gold.

He had a few little blips which I did not think where to bad for Ian Brown, He fucked up the intro to Own Brain and had to start again and missed a note in Marathon Man not to much to mention like.

He ended up finishing on Fools Gold which was fucking amazing!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Flickr Page...

Just to let all of you know I have a flickr page where all my photographs will be uploaded.


Thanks, Ben

Christmas Shopping...bah humbug.

In the words of Charles Dickins 1843 novel A Christmas Carol..Bah Humbug.

I fucking hate christmas and all thats to do with with, the shopping etc the only good thing is that you get good food around that time of year and you get to spend a lot of time with family and with the mrs...ok christmas isnt that bad. its good.
Still puts you out of pocket for around a month or two, went into town today to do me shopping and I can now relax with me brew and say yeah im done but out of pocket for a fucking month!.

Bah humbug give me my turkey!.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Bit of a DIY been going on...

Thanks to Chas Devlin over on Casualco for the rather smart banner which relates to where I come from and ofcourse looks smart and makes the blog look more proffesional, thanks again.

Check his blog out at: http://one-up-manship.blogspot.com/

A very good read indeed, keep up the good work.


Classic terrace rumblings.....

Just some pictures of the terrace rumblings that used to happen in the beautiful game that we all know and love ( or to some of the older lot, loved.)


Here is some pictures of my photography work, some of it is not to bad if you ask me.
Its just a little hobby of mine I like taking pictures of the mix of urban and rural surroundings that yours truly lives in.

Monday, 7 December 2009

Yet another purchase

Traded a LL Bean mainstate parka ( very nice coat with some great details) with a coat that I have been wanting for quite some time...

The jacket itself has some very nice details from the house check lining on the inside of the jacket plus the hood, which is mesh. The hood itself is zip away so if you prefer the look of the jacket with out the hood then you can wear it like that i myself prefer it with the hood out, It also has a velcro throat tab which is a really nice peice of detailin in my humble.
It has quite a few nice concieled pockets which is nice for the cigs and phone etc.

Friday, 20 November 2009

New Purchase

Got some Grisport Modena through the post the other day, Fantastic Shoe with nice little details and for the price fantasic quality.
Shall get some actual pictures of them toneet later on.

Monday, 16 November 2009


For me, Music is a big part of my life, I play the drums have been doing for around 9 years and my musical tastes range from jazz to death metal to dubstep.

The music I grew up with was Pink Floyd,The Jam,The The,The Smiths etc all thanks to my old man and his mate ( Who has been very big in musical influance for me)
From this I started listening to metal music where I went through a phase of listening to it ( and I am still in that phase..) But after a few years of listening to Slipknot and Slayer I branched out into mroe musical and back to where I started listening to.

I got into The Stone Roses,Oasis etc and then started listening to Electronic-Deathmetal music fom bands such as Enter Shikari.
From Music i got into fim ( Which will be a seperate blog post alltogether) and for me music is part of who I am.

Top Five Albums ( My personal one..)

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The moon, amazing alubum with various insperations from and also some of the best songs of all time in my opinion from the money inspiring intro and THAT bass line to the lyrics which to me seemed to come true for the bands future - Brain Damage.

Metallica - Master Of Puppets, Containing such strong and passionate lyrical contenet and also thrashing guitar solos and drums..amazing album.

Lou Reed - Transfomer, For its time this album sounded completly diffrent to the music that was around then containg all sorts of music and lyrics a good listen to.

There debut album which I see as one of the best bands of the " madchester" scene...Ian Browns Nonchalant vocals with Renis simple yet effective drum beats. From I Wanna Be Aorded to I Am The Resurrection, The album itself is just fantastic to listen to from beginning to end.

Four A " best of album" - The Smiths - The Sound Of The Smiths.
A two disk album which includes songs from Hand In Glove to The Headmaster Ritual also contains songs live such as Handsome Devil ( Live At Manchester Hacienda)
A great CD to listen to IMO.

And finally at number five its Morissey You Are The Quarry. With songs with patriotic lyrics ( for me anyway- they may not ment to be from the song Irish Blood,English Heart to First Of The Gang To Die.

There you have it a wall full of text about my growing up of music and also my musical taste.


Thursday, 12 November 2009

History of Wigan Athletic Football Club.

Here is some infomation and facts on Wigan Athletic..Thanks to http://www.gowigan.com/ for the infomation.

Wigan Athletic was formed in 1932 and it was the fifth attempt to stabilise a football club in the town. In 1978 Wigan Athletic were elected to Football League. They were promoted to the Football League Championship only in 2003 and to the Premiership in 2005. In 2006 they reached the League Cup final for the first time in their history.

1932 – 1937 – Charlie Spencer
1946 – 1947 – Jimmy Milne
1949 – 1952 – Bob Pryde
1952 – 1954 – Ted Goodier
1954 – 1955 – Walter Crook
1955 – 1956 – Ron Stuart
1956 – Billy Cooke
1957 – Sam Barkas
1957 – 1958 – Trevor Hitchen
1958 – 1959 – Malcolm Barrass
1959 - Jimmy Shirley
1959 – 1960 – Pat Murphy
1960 – Allenby Chilton
1961 – 1963 – Johnny Ball
1963 – 1966 – Allan Brown
1966 – 1967 – Alf Craig
1967 – 1968 – Harry Leyland
1968 – Gordon Saunders
1970 – 1972 – Gordon Milne
1972 – 1974 – Les Rigby
1974 – 1976 – Brian Tiler
1976 – 1981 – Ian McNeil
1981 – 1983 – Larry Lloyd
1983 – 1985 – Harry McNally
1989 – 1993 – Bryan Hamilton
1993 – Dave Philpotts
1993 – 1994 – Kenny Swain
1994 – 1995 – Graham Barrow
1995 – 1998 – John Deehan
1998 – 1999 – Ray Mathias
1999 – 2000 – John Benson
2000 – 2001 – Bruce Rioch
2001 - Steve Bruce
2001 – 2007 – Paul Jewell
2007 – Chris Hutchings
2007 - Frank Barlow
2008 - Steve Bruce
2009 - Present - Roberto Martínez

There is a little bit of infomation and history in Wigan Athletic.


update - Clothes,Fashion and genreal musings.

Oreet all, just thought I would do a little update on my blog since I havent done one for quite a while.

On the clothes front I have picked up two recent purchases: A wrangler long sleve check shirt ( may not define what is casual or a casual label but a very smart shirt imo and looks smart under a nice jacket.)

Also got from a family member a Hoggs Of Fife Waxed countryman jacket. Very smart and will do me for the coming winter months in WN6.

Footballing wise, couldnt not make the fulham game at home due to other things, Boyce's goal was good and although we kept piling on the pressure couldnt get that second goal needed to win. And fulham aparantly only came up with 400 fans but due to there mid-week match in Rome I can see why i presume the majorty of there fans went over to italy. Italy or Wigan? you chose.
I can not make the trip down to the big smoke on sunday against spurs due to money but hopefully we can come away with a point and White Heart Lane is a fantastic ground and theres some fantastic boozers in the area. The next latics match for me will be our home game against Sunderland where I will be meeting some of my mackem mates for a few jars and then will take in the game from my usual pew in the East stand.


Friday, 23 October 2009

Burnley VS Wigan Athletic

Tomorow is Burnley VS Wigan Athletic,3pm.Turf Moor.

Im going to start off with a feature that I included in the last preview: Head to Head

League: Burnley 2 Draws 7 Wigan 7

League Cup: Burnley 0 Draws 0 Wigan: 2

Other: Burnley 0 Draws 0 Wigan 1

Total: 2 Draws 0 Wigan 10

As you can see, Wigan have come better off in Previous encountes. But as always Wigan could make a hash of it and Burnley could come away with 3 points...Wigan may have ot make a team change with Sharner and Kirkland not at full strength since Kirkland sufferd a dislocated finger against Manchester City ( Which will include a review) and also Sharner is suffering from a hip problem, so a couple of problems for first team players but I hope that Latics can come away with 3 points, as it stands Burnley is 10th and Latics are 14th hopefully 3 points can send us on our way!
Whoever is going tomorow enjoy the game!

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Wigan Athletic vs Manchester City

I shall be going to the match today, not been for around a month so thought I would do a preview of the "big match" today:

So for our team today we shall see Won Chee Ho fly back after playing on International dutey so I presume he will not be playing today, the only worrying thing for us is that Eric Edman picked up concusion playing for the reserves so I hope he can play today...apart from that i assume the normal squad will be up today.

Head to head:

League - Wigan wins 5 draws 2 City Wins 3

Fa Cup - Wigan 0 Draws 0 FA cup - City 2

other - Wigan 0 draws 1 City 1

Total Wigan 6 draws 4 city wins 7

I think wigan will either just scrap a win or it will be a draw, Come on Wigan!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Smokey Back rooms and real bitter.

The british establishment that is a pub is not what it used to be. When working class lads walk past it then dont " smell" sucsess and look forward to the coming of age where they can go into the hallowed pub and have there first legal pint. Now all you get is fucking posh nosh, pubs that dont even smell of pubs! My earliest memory is where my nana and grandad live, It was at Bentham Golf Club, There where the regulars smoking pipes and cigarettes with there flat caps and pints of mild. That is a memory that has always stuck with me.
Kids today wont get that( some people may think so what?)....But its just a nice memory that im sure wont be seen again.
The Smoking ban is killing the pub trade and I hope that the goverment can relax laws and just let the tap room/snug be somewhere where you can smoke.
The great british pub will return to what it once was.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Planned purchase

As some of you may or not know, im into my clothes. So when payday comes I have planned a few purchases.

Clarks Nature shoes.

I am planning on getting these from oipolloi at at the price of 75 pounds i was giving htem a second thought because i personaly would not pay that for a pair of shoes, but on a second glance they do look quality and also would look very smart. here is a link to the oipolloi site and the shoes that I plan on getting from them.



Next up, a shirt from a brand that i recently found out called TukTuk of a forum that i regualy frequent and having a look at there site i have to say they do look quality.
They other options for your shirt and i have opted for a 3 inch collar, a breast pocket and long sleves and also a bit of length since im not on the thin side.

here is a link to there site, check them out.


Sunday, 11 October 2009

Going to put more effort into this blogging marlarky

Going to try and start this blog up again and get my thoughts down on football,clothes,real ale and whatever I think may be intresting reading ( assuming that peoople read this blog...). Should be doing a good few posts a week maybe more anyway thanks to anyone who reads this and there will be a few more posts within the next few days!

Social Class?

In todays society do we have " social class?" Is it still in todays society but more subdued and also not as easy to class?. Me, im working class due to my family work hard for there money and have just a bit of money left over for some fun.
But does it really matter if your Working Class,Middle Class,Upper Class? as long as you arnt stuck up your arse and dont look down on people i presume it really just doesnt matter anymore but in years gone by it did, for instance the mining strikes etc.. so to some up this short and trying to be creative within my writing post I think class is still around but maybe it just isnt important anymore?

Saturday, 10 October 2009

How sh*t is fooball?

Todays football is stale,shit and ofcourse overpriced. Burnley are charging 32 quid for a adult ticket for our away game to there place...32 quid for Burnley.fuck me.
I will only be going if they have a student ticket or if i can get away with a kids one mind.
Also todays players are fucking premadona twats diving if someone goes within a foot of them...oh and are grossley overpaid for what they do ( to kick a ball for 90 mins.)
In yesteryear players got muddy and actually got stuck in and actually cared for the club they played for, for istance my old man was telling me about Hary Lyon who broke his leg in a FA cup game at Springfield Park he got it fixed up, came back on and scored a hatrick. Name me one player in todays game who would do that.
Next up is the Premiership this league is fucking wank and the novitaly effect is just about wearing off ( even though i will still go...since its my club im watching.) You know who is going to be in the top 4/6 and who may be mid table so theres fuck all to play for, I cant wait for the days of lower league football to come back to us and get the bandjumping tossers away from my club.
Yeah football is shit and im still going ( work that one out).

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Yet another " not been on in a while" post

These seem to be a reacuring thing! anyway on the football front Wigan Athletic had a fantastic start to the season, winning 2-0 at Villa but that seems a long time ago imo since then we have been knocked out of the league cup to Blackpool 4-0 which if im honist wasnt the best awayday for a varity of reasons, We also lost against wolves at home 1-0 but we did win against West Ham at home last sat and I hope that the results start coming in. This weekend see's the latics go to " that london" against the gunners I would be going to the game if I wasnt in work at 7 and could make the trip there and back.
Cinema wise I have been watching quite a few films, Last night I watched One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and I have to say was an amazing film. Nick Love has done a " Remake" of the Firm, I still have to watch the film but I personaly think it will be shite. Here is the link to the Gardieans review. http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2009/sep/12/nick-love-the-firm

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Whats been going on....

Not had a good post on here for a while so thought i would just up date. Lost 2-0 to Stoke City at the Britannia Stadium. 2 pubs near the ground and since i had work straight after couldnt have a look around. Quite a poor performance from latics i think but Cho-Won Hee made his debut for the club so fair enough for him. Pompey at home was the last game at the " The DW Stadium". Hugo Rodallega scored the only game of the game and Latics finished on a win at the end of the season even though i had to leave at the end of the game due to getting to work ( which seems to have a complication whenever i go to the football). Picked up a fantastic LL bean Vintage parka which i think looks fantastic for a very good price as well. Finally decided to get another pair of jeans but this time they will not be from Blue Harbour. I gave Uniqlo a chance, i wanted the Japanese selvedge denim jeans but they did not do them in my waist. So i went with the basic Straight Legged jean at 25 quid so not to bad on the price front!.
Ended up in Manchester on the Bank Holiday Monday to have a good drink for a mates birthday which took us up to the Northern Quarter of the city then ended up at the Oyster Bar where we supped the very busy and very sunny Beer Garden overlooking that big wheel and the crowds ( and some very good lucking girls) go by.
Then we ended up looking for a certain pub called The Peveril of the Peak which had some very nice guest ales on and ended up putting The Stone Roses on the Jukey but to get there we had to get a taxi etc.. The last pub of the day was called The Britons Protection which had a nice beer garden and was a nice pub to finish off the day so my mates ended up getting a train back to Yorkshire and i got on the next train back to good old Wigan.
After a few ales in here we ended up in our last pub of the day

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Not posted for a while....

And there has not been much to post about recently but now i feel there is.
Went to Wigan beer festival last week and i have to say there where some top ales.
Stand out ones for me where:

Allgates Groundhop day which is 3.8% and as the "tasting notes" say its a Well balanced straw coloured ale, easy drinking with a berry/herbal aroma!

Allgates Nightmare On Ale Street - classic porter,dark and rich - bursting with malt falvours - 5.2%

Strawberry beer ( don't now the name of the brewers)

Toffee Ale ( very nice i thought)- Fed up with fruit?,this ones got toffee flavour..

Hopstar - Smokey Joes Black Beer - 4% - multi award winning ale, dark and full of chocolate

and i tasted some Gayhakers West Country cider which was very good i thought ( even though i dont remember how to spell the name..)

I went with some mates and we all tasted what brews we each got and the ones that i thought were alreet was:

Empire Strikes Back - 4% , Pale golden hoppy session beer

The "tasting notes" were taken from the "Wigan Beer Festival 2009" booklet

Football front:

Latics one Hull City 1-0 with a Ben Watson goal. I may self did not go to the match due to work but was told that it was alright. Latics taken everton next Sunday which i should be attending. Its a fantastic old ground Everton the wooden seats etc fantastic.
I also should be attending the Wigan Robin Park fc game against AFC united this Tuesday. I have only got to go to one game this season against Ashton Town at home and i have to say i am looking forward to it.

Clothes front:

Not much since i have not had a lot of money but i should have a pair of Adidas Samba Supers coming through over the next few days which should be oreet.
And i also got a Blue Harbour blue/white s/s shirt and a black polo from Marks and Spencers in sunderland on my recent trip up there.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

First time i have been to football...

In a month tomorow where the Latics will go against West Ham at home tomorow, when we played at Upton Park this year we lost 2-1 but was a fantastic day getting the train in from Luton to London ( the one with the massive steel work around think its kings cross/euston dont know) day on the beer etc...well tomorow we take them on at the JJB and I am hoping for 3 points and if we played like we did against chelsea then i feel like we will be able to take all the points. I hope that Valencia will be back into the starting eleven the korian player that has been talked about should be making his debut as well as mido may be coming back well i certainley cant wait and shall be taking my concoxion of pain killers to see my bad back thourought the game!

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Brown Cords and Walking Boots

After a family "get together" and some family left this morning to head back down south the rest of us decided to go for a walk through the West Yorkshire countryside. So i borrowed some walking boots and we all set off and stopped by a pub for a little sup (Theakstons Best bitter.Fantastic) and walked through these farm yards and past big isolated homes which looked great! and then headed back up to my aunties very muddy but happy.

Monday, 5 January 2009

Some old posts.....

Found my old blog before and started looking through what i had posted and this is one in paticular that i liked:

working class. what is it? to me working class is were you work for your money pay bills go out go to football go for a beer etc just geting on with life not to rich and not to poor. i was looking on the internet for what the acutual term is on wikipedia its" Working class is a term used in academic sociology and in ordinary conversation.In common with other terms relevant to social class, it is defined and used in many different ways, depending on context and speaker. The term incorporates references to education, to occupation, to culture, and to income. When used non-academically, it typically refers to a section of society dependent on physical labor, especially when remunerated with an hourly wage."now to me thats a longwinded way of saying what i say and on the bbc it mentioned that britan has no social class...we are all a meritocity ( what the hell does that mean?) and that the goverment think that we are all middle class? bollock to that so you can live it up in your posh houses while most of teh birtish public stuggle to pay the taxs that is essentily your fucking wage. piss off new labour.now within that post there may be some contradictions and some down right bullshit i dont now, you decide ben.

and i still agree with what i put there.

Regional diffrences?

I have been thinking about this for a while, There is all kinds of regional diffrences such as how we speak etc...but in terms of football and clothes i am aware that there was diffrences back in the early days of the subculture there was such as liverpool and merseyside had the wedge first while evryone else was stuck in the "bootboys" culture still ( cropped hair,doc martins,bombers etc...) and that liverpool where the first to a degree to set off the casual subculture. Brands such as fila etc. Where as down south clubs such as west ham where very burberry orintated ( so a blackburn friend of mine said *insert a winkey thing here* and that the yorkshire and lancashire based clubs where known as wooleybacks because of thick wool jumpers.
This was back in the days when the culture was a thing to be part off ( it still is but not to a certain degree as it used to be) and personaly i think that regional diffrences arnt arround much any more and that to a certain extent there is none but there in the subculture its self .
The people who are more clued up in the culture know what makes may break through in the next year or so or a certain label that is that extra bit special and is relictant to share that little bit of infomation. But within the culture its self there is divides. There is the "very" clued up who have been in it for years and are full of infomation about the old days. The clued up who know about the scene and labels and a wee bit of infomation then there are the down right fucking clueless who think location,goigoi are casual and that if you strap on a fake stone island jacket from cheetham hill you are a "casual"...



There is a film about Keven sampsons awaydays is due out ( it may already be out..) it looks like quite a good film i just hope that it stay inline with the book and is just not about the "pack" and his "downfall" with them in the end.
I hope the film includes parts such as the docter who convention when there in halifax etc.....

The Cags

Well they look simaler to the iconic peter strom cag and i hear that adidas are going to issue one to coinside with the film and from the pictures i have seen....pure shit!
I just hope that this wont see loads of people wearing the green peter storms or simaler jackets and start wearing some of the crazy and frankley shit colourways of forest hills that are avalible from your local JD store.

We shall wait and see....


Im back....

Hello all,

i have started up a new blog because well i couldnt rember my log in for the last one! this will be the same sort of blog as the last one a view of football,clothes,trainers,books etc.
Well whats happend since you last read? finished school and now into college and its all going good! Wigan Athletic at the dizzy hights of 7th in the premier league.

More to come soon