Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Interview: Catfish & The Bottlemen..

The Beautiful Decay EP - Great success so far.

Big thanks to Catfish for taking the time to answer a few questions and let us know what happens in there little world....

RB Thanks for doing the interview,  Catfish & The Bottlemen how did you come up with the name?

Not a problem mate.... The name is a long story really, as a kid i used to go to australia for months at a time to see some of my family and stuff and in this hotel we used to stay in a busker used to sit outside every morning playing empty beer bottles with spoons. i used to sit off every day and watch him whilst me mum and dad would get ready and stuff. His name was "Catfish the Bottleman" so it just sort of stuck all the way up until now when i was thinking we need something original and that just came back to me and it stuck.

RB You seem to have done a lot of touring this year, Where was the best venue and who would you say had the best crowd?

Yeah we've not stopped this year its been quality, haha thats a tough one... my favourite venue i reckon is Telfords Warehouse in Chester they always look after us there and i used to go watch the band who got me into music TheTIME there when i was younger so there's probably something to do with that involved, Theres just a great vibe there everytime we play always packed for us and that. But saying that my favourite gig last year was when we got the chance to play Snowbombing in Austria, We played on this stage which was set out to be like a Narnia vibe and we had a huge lion behind our Drum kit, we'd been walking round Austria for a few days giving flyers and demos out trying to get as many people involved as we could and when we came to do the gig the place was rammed and they were going mental so mental infact that the band on after us were getting our name chanted back at them because they wanted us back on haha! that was epic seen as though we'd never been or known anyone in Austria hahaha

RB How would you describe your musical style and how would you come up with songs/ideas for lyrics?

Our sound is Explosive!!! We get that question alot and thats the only thing i can think of explosive it just explodes on stage, thats what we try and go for anyway!
In terms of lyrics thats my favourite part about being in a band, they come to me naturally but they're mostly about woman & people i've met touring and stuff like that but i like trying to paint a picture in other peoples heads but not in a way its so obvious that they know what i'm talking about if you get me? so that they have to make their own mind up and hopefully can relate to it in their own way.

RB Your EP " The Beautiful Decay" has had a good reaction, How are you going to build on that success?
Yeah it went down really well and i was quite nervous about it because with past EP's and Demo's etc i've never been properly really proud of our work we were just kids when we started and as soon as we found the sound we're playing with now everything just got mental! So it was the first EP i'd had the chance to make that i was truly proud of and i'm glad people got it as much as they did because it meant a lot. We're going to build on it with writing tunes that make the stuff on that EP look bad haha and if you've heard that EP its not easy... But since then we've written about 7/8 songs that are up their but theres about 5 that i think are going to wipe the floor with that EP we've just took a step up in every way since last year so what i'm trying to say really is we're going to blow our last year selves out the water haha

RB Any planned tours for 2011, Any news on venues/locations?

Yeah we've got Big Plans for 2011 and we've got a big tour on the go for March... we're currently finalising dates and venues but once we've confirmed i'll let you know.... and if anyones got any floors for us too sleep on let us know haha

RB Are you planning on doing a album any time soon, Would it be in the same style as your other songs or would you try different sounds and ideas?

We've been asked a lot about the album but i've not warmed to the idea much yet, we're still young and we're still picking up methods of writing and stories and guitar sounds stuff like that so i don't want to rush it.... I want our debut album to leave a mark on the music industry not some throw away lets try again next year type thing i want people to love it till its time to pass it on to their grandkids! so we're going to take it easy with the album thing and just keep touring the world because thats what we love doing! The albums finished in terms of songs but we've still got some ground work to do.

RB Lovely seaside resort of Llandudno, Would you say you have much of a following in your home town and also, Do any of you speak fluent welsh?

hahahaha no we don't speak welsh at all... Yeah we've got a great following at home but the only problem is there is not one venue around here for bands to play its shocking so we've taken things into our own hands and we rent this cellar out and set a stage up and that and we just stick a few flyers about that the council rip down every time but enough people get talking about it and they come down and we just have a massive gorilla party in this basement! the last time we played there the place was a 80capacity and we had 100+ in and there were 40+ people queuing out the door who weren't allowed in. it was a good night and people still talk about it so its good to leave a mark.

RB You seem to do gigs mainly in the north, Would you ever think of going down south?

Yeah definitely... we'd love to get down that way, we've done a load in the south this past year like but we play in the north a lot because thats we're people demand us to come and play as soon as the good old south comes a-nocking we're more than up for it!

RB Thanks for doing this interview, It is appreciated, Keep up the good work and I will be coming to a fair few shows in 2011 I hope!

No worries mate thanks very much for your time. See you in the new year mate! X

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Interview: A Modern Tradition

Tee shirt/Clothing company A Modern Tradition agreed to do this interview with us, Big thanks to Craig for taking the time to answer questions.

RB Could you give us a bit off an insite into the company and how the idea came about?

AMT  At the minute, i'd still say that the company is only still a hobby so to speak. We are a two man outfit. My personal influences are mainly from terrace culture and fashions.
The other lad involved is a skinhead, so we have some varied ideas to throw in the bag and his vast knowledge of music can be good inspiration for design ideas.
Ive wanted to put my designs on tees for some time now but until 80's Casuals came about i was always pretty naive about it being financially possible if im honest. That was a kind of
kick up the arse for me that working class lads could,and did go places in clothing. In the past ive put some of my designs on tees myself using various methods like a wooden homemade silk
screen,stencils and transfers that were worn by my myself and my mates.
What made you decide to go into the clothing industry?
Clothing is something that both of us involved in the project are passionate about. As anyone who is/has been heavily into football fashions will know, its all about attention to detail and quality.
I dont go to football very much these days, but im still heavily into looking stylish(and i still have a jacket obsession!) So this is the only industry for me. There is nothing more rewarding than
taking something from the drawing board to finally seeing it in the flesh........and then to top it off, to see someone wearing it!
RB Since there are other tee shirt brands out there that have the "casual" tag with them, How do you make your product stand out?

AMT  At this moment in time we are just doing our own thing. We dont consider ourselves as a competetor to any of the established tee labels. We have currently have a stock pile of ideas to take to the drawing board.
Some are very unique and others i suppose could be considered as Casual 'Cliches'. But we always add our won twist and try to be different where we can.
What happens from start to finish in the process off designing a new tee?
Some ideas will just pop in there and evolve!!! But in reailty, most ideas will be brainstormed from conversation, then to paper until we agree a final decision. Then the design process can begin.
Alot of the designs are drawn by hand and others using photography and graphics tools etc. Then, from there we will fire it over to our printer who will colour check it and print off some samples.
RB You plan on going into other areas off fashion or just concentrate on your tees?

AMT  At present, we are planning to focus on the t-shirts. We have had some quotes on other items including knitwear but we dont want to try and punch above our weight just yet. I think
they call it 'Gradual Progression'!!! But certainly yes, we do plan on designing and producing our own garments in the future.

 RB what factors come into choosing a manufacture an also about the quality off the fabric?

AMT We use super heavyweight ultra-cotton for all our tees.If a poor fabric is used then it basically jeopardises the whole process. We only use reputable brands who are tried and tested. I suppose its a case of 'you get what you pay for' and we want a quality finished product.

Check there website out: http://www.amoderntradition.co.uk/

Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Modern-Tradition/164752766881658?ref=ts

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Tunes Of The Day

To come this week...

A Interview with one of the gents behind new brand A Modern Tradition who hail from the depths of Lancashire.

 Website - http://www.amoderntradition.co.uk/

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/A-Modern-Tradition/164752766881658?v=app_4949752878

More info to come with the following Interview...

Monday, 13 December 2010

What Are You Wearing Today

NWMC Christmas Meal.

6876 Sonora
Fred Perry L/S Gingham Check Shirt
Uniqlo Selvedge Denim
Pointer Taylor Shoes

Safe Standing Bill.

"Don Foster MP, former Liberal Democrats sports spokesman, has launched a bid to allow safe standing to be introduced into football grounds in England and Wales. Speaking yesterday the Bath MP launched his Safe Standing Bill by telling Parliament that there was no evidence to show that properly designed standing areas were inherently unsafe."

The above statment was taken from - http://www.fsf.org.uk/news/Safe-Standing-Bill-launched-in-Parliament.php

What does this mean? If it gets through it means groups off friends can sit together and get a better atmosphere at there home games, It may also inject a bit off passion that is needed in the game, No. Not the sort where you go and clean out the club shop,Get your favourite player on your back and look like a advertisement. A atmosphere what can get the players motivated in them moments where the fans really are the 12th man, Shirters and dressers alike all on the same terrace.

Will this Bill actually come though parliament? If Don Foster can prove to the members of Parliament that standing at football is actually safe and we follow the way the Germans do it, Then it can be done.

What will go against it? - Hillsbrough, That tragedy that happened where 96 people lost there lives (R.I.P) What this bill is saying is, Don't bring back the terraces where people are packed like sardines, The system they are proposing is the same as the German league, Terraces with fold down seats, So people can choose if they want to sit or not.

I will be backing this bid and have sent a formal email off to the MP who represents Wigan in the House's of Commons asking her opinion on this bill and if not what are her reasons.
The proposed lay out off safe standing areas.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

By-gone Era....

All Pictures taken from Lancashire Lads, By-gone era off the 80's when violence and a bit off a scrap was the norm at football. ( All pictures off Wigan)

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Rest in Peace.

John Winston Ono Lennon, was one off the founding members off one off the greatest bands in musical history, The Beatles. 

Born and raised in Liverpool, Born 9th October 1940 and died 8 December 1980.

Rest In Peace.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Catfish & The Bottlemen - The Avenue, Leigh

Llandudno indie band are coming to Leigh on the 11th December, So though I would put a preview up about the band etc..Having seen them play in Indiependence, I was taken back by there raw guitars and hard hitting drum beats and toe tapping songs - A band to look out for.

Catfish & The Bottlemen won BBC6 Music Unsigned Band award in March 2009, and have spent the past year gigging and promoting there EP/getting there music about in venues/clubs up and around the North of England.

They released there début EP - Poetry & Fuel, Followed by The Beautiful Decay EP which I have on non stop - Every song on there I like and all get my feet tapping and singing away whether its in a plant room at work, Playing drums or just around.

Since then they have released there Acoustic Sessions album, Bodies Single ( Free digital format and also a single format in CD) 

Give them a listen.

Picture taken from there Facebook page.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Wearetuktuk - Latest Purchase

I am waiting on what looks like to be one of the best shirts I have ever purchased to be coming through my door next week, With my own little bespoke twist added ( Top Pocket on the left breast and a 1.5" collar) I went for the soft grey chambray shirt and will be going for one off there shirts again later this month I hope..They offer there own bespoke service want that long sleeve shirt short sleeve? sure why not want a smaller collar sure.

After one off the emails I have received, They look to have some off the best customer service out there.

On to the fabric of choice for this shirt - Chambray - The lightweight, primarily cotton fabric known as chambray is a plain weave fabric and is generally used for spring and summer tops and skirts. The fabric was originally made in Cambria, France, and the name was derived from that region. Although chambray is primarily a lightweight fabric, it is also made in heavier weights for fall, such as for back-to-school collections.

This shirt takes a diffrent twist on the normal blue chambray shirt, Look forward to seeing it and trying it on in the flesh.

The lightweight, primarily cotton fabric known as chambray is a plain weave fabric and is generally used for spring and summer tops and skirts. The fabric was originally made in Cambria, France, and the name was derived from that region. Although chambray is primarily a lightweight fabric, it is also made in heavier weights for fall, such as for back-to-school collections.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Tunes Of The Day

Enter Shikari - DESTABILISE 

Pulp - Common People

New Order - Regret ( Live)

Kraftwerk - Autobahn

Sunday, 14 November 2010

My Obsession...My Love.

The DW Stadium...Home off my Football Club, Wigan Athletic FC.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

We are not wanted...

You know that feeling? Where you feel you have over stayed your welcome? Well the average working class match day fan must be feeling that and has done for years, But something I noticed on the Arsenal v Newcastle match was the "Corporate" sponsoring going on during the game, And a source closer to home, Wigan Athletic the players for years have always acknowledged our support, For the Blackburn game they didn't think its a case of that's my 90 minutes played, Will go get my pay check, Fuck Wigan Athletic FC and their fans, I want my money is the mentality  that that showed in my opinion.

For years the likes of De Vos, Liddell etc all showed their supported to us, Maybe its the signs off modern football and its players have been creeping in through the back door at my club? Or is it a case of we are not wanted the fan who likes a beer, banter and that "edginess" off going to away games...Who knows? Time will tell  and from what it looks like, Wigan Athletic FC will need us more than ever in the near future.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

In the Post - Casual Connoisseur Weir Hat 3

Over here on Redbricks we love what the Casual Connoisseur label produces, Having got a few off there tees and being a member over on there forum we often get an in site onto how the brand works and what is in the pipeline, After missing out on these great winter tifters the first time, I had to get one in what is my opinion the best out off the colours, They look mega.

Produced 150 of each colour, That means that there is only 50 off each - They have flown off the shelf, And they come with a limited edition card and the like which is the quirkiness which I love.

Also the fact that they are MADE IN ENGLAND is a massive selling point for me, There different and you will not see any around WN6 or at the Stadio d' JJB ( well I hope not.)

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Old School Horror

Don't get film posters like this any more - Seem like art work, Classic Horror films ranging from the 50's era up to the 70's.

Curse of Frankenstien


Curse of the Werewolf

Frankenstien and the Moster From Hell

Friday, 22 October 2010

Big Match Preview

DW Stadium Saturday 22 October. 3pm.

Local derby this, Biggest home game off the year in my opinion..However due to the terms off his contract, Al-Habsi can not play. Gutted. However will Kirkland get to have his day again and be a derby day hero?

Di-Santo is likely to be out due to having 10 stitches during training.

Bolton will be out Ivan Klasnic due to his sending off against Stoke.

In my opinion, Martinez is just showing us what he is capable of pulling off at Wigan - Free following football like on the continent without that hoof ball feel that we had under Bruce etc...

I can see this match as the turn around for our dreadful home form ( Three defeat's in three games and 13 goals have gone in the back off the net)

bit of Trivia...

This is the 35th meeting between Wigan and Bolton.

The "stats" are as off: Bolton 13 Wigan 14 Draws 7

What the manager has to say: "Bolton are a difficult side to play against because they can bring anything to the game, and that's where we have to be aware"

Quote taken from BBC SPORT.

Can he keep his cool during this derby ?

Redbricksandcoal prediction - Wigan 2 Bolton 0

Sunday, 17 October 2010

The game in days gone-bye

The Terrace - I have not stood on a terrace at a Wigan Athletic game, Was before my time however I have visited various non league grounds and felt as if I had gone back in time when football was proper and a working man's game.
( Curzon Ashton FC,Lancaster City FC,Burscough FC)

So here are a few pictures of crowds/terraces which make the game a world away from what it is nowadays and it was not that long ago if you think about it.

The famous Kop at Anfield.

Crystal Palace fans 

What used to be a common sight.

Maybe one day we will see the re-introduction of the Terrace with safe standing in leagues such as the Bundasleague in Germany.

We shall wait and see.

Casual connoisseur Weir Hat 2010

The Casual Connoisseur are releasing there popular "Weir Hat" in 3 different colours this year - Bound to be very warm during the long cold nights on the terraces.

Check out there site and affiliated blogs: www.casualco.com   and http://casualcoblog.blogspot.com

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Tunes Of The Day

To cheer up with that -mid-week nearly the weekend but is still one working day away glum, Here at Redbricks HQ we will give you our Tunes of The Day.

King Blues - I Got Love - That Tracy Chapman inspired Acoustic Guitar and up-beat lifting lyrics - They where great at Kendal and had a great alcohol fuelled dance to them!

Danny Mahon - Resurrection - Orginal Lyrics about the doom and glum of life wrapped up in originality and a sound off his own.

Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man - Mix Folk with original lyrics and a sound that is still close to its routes and is still popular on the radio and people and that's what you have, A original band with old school influences and original instruments.

Bombay Bicycle Club - Always Like This - Head bopping drums and bass line, A almost whiny yet echo voice.

Twisted Wheel - Strife - That Oldham trio know how to have energy in there songs and cheeky Lyrics.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Day Trip.

Went up to Lancaster with the girlfriend to see the mother, And had a nice little day out as well, Saw the Castle, Had a nice meal and some crazy Japanese beer ( which turns out is the only japanese beer available on draft in Lancaster and the surrounding area) saw some cool graffiti on a memorial, Had some rather nice beer in a 300 year old pub, Would love to go up again soon.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Tunes Of The Day

Get yourself off your feet and dance to the tunes off the day that are rocking Redbricks HQ

Madchester feel going on.....

The Smiths - The Headmasters Ritual.

The Smiths - Sweet and Tender Hooligan

Inspiral Carpets - This Is How It Feels

The Stone Roses - Made of Stone

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Last Thing Purchased....

Quite a haul over the past month or so with some money being spent at the same time....

6876 Sonora - Great fabric ( 100% Polyamide) feels great and will be fantastic for the coming weather in WN6...Also one of my "grails

Folk Cycling Jacket - Nice lightweight jacket looks great with a polo/shirt..Nice detailing with the single white button on the "flap" at the back with " folk" on it....

Lacoste Long Sleeve Polo - Buttons are quality and as is the fabric...

Uniqlo Selvedge Denim - First pair of Selvedge already looking at investing into a pair of Edwins/Albams before the end off the month.