Sunday, 4 December 2011


The Casual Connoisseur's Weir hat is due for release tomorrow- These have become a cult hit in the short time they have been in production and are due for 3 new colors this time round.
Named after the Scottish broadcaster/climber Tom Weir who wore a bobble hat and had a passion for climbing and the Scottish landscape.

The brand has been going on-wards and upwards with going into shirts and lightweight jackets ( The 'Beat a Storm' respectively) They have come back to the old season favorite with a new twist on the colour ways.

These are made with double acrylic which allows for more use with colour, The hats are designed to be able to stretch so they can fit heads of all shapes and sizes, They are also made in England which adds to more of the appeal for us.

Grab one while you can, These wont last long. From there website 

Friday, 2 December 2011

Clarks Desert Boot.

The humble desert boot, You can look smart in the office with a pair of trousers shit or tie or look dapper in a pair of jeans, They are universal in how you can wear them - Dress up or down.

The desert boot was created when  CJ Clark spotted the boot of choice by soldiers in West Burma in World War 2, There design and breathable material in the hot humid climate and when Clark returned to his small home town in Somerset he set out to create his version of this boot, When his pattern cutter designed the shoe and when it came to selling - It struggled initially in Europe, But sales flourished as the upper class American 'prep' look at there Ivy League university's took note of the shoe.

Throughout the 60's and right through to the modern day the shoe has not been out of 'fashion' and could be seen on the feet of Steve McQueen,The Beatles, Oasis..It also became a staple shoe for many sub-cultures, The mod's...Hip Hop...Right up to Indie and during the dressing down era of the Football Casual.

 The desert boot has become and in this writers opinion, always will be a timeless classic in footwear.

Steve McQueen in the desert boot

Nathan Clark with The desert boot & desert trek.